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TitleRelease DateCode NumberPriceStock
Major League2001-01-0910000001$32.1525
Major League 22003-01-0910000002$16.1525
Star Trek 12003-01-0910000003$16.1510
Star Trek 22004-01-0910000004$16.1510
Star Trek 32005-01-0910000005$16.1510
Star Trek 42006-01-0910000006$9.9912
Star Trek 52007-01-0910000007$14.9912
My Name is Earl 12001-04-0511000001$9.9939
My Name is Earl 22002-04-0511000002$9.9941
My Name is Earl 32003-04-0511000003$9.9941
My Name is Earl 42004-04-0511000004$9.9916
My Name is Earl 52005-04-0511000005$9.9916
My Name is Earl 62006-04-0511000006$9.9926
My Name is Earl 72007-04-0511000007$9.9925
Fight Club1999-10-1512342666$19.995
The Office Season 12009-12-1012345678$19.992
The Office Season 22009-12-1412345679$19.991
The Office Season 32009-12-0112345680$19.994
The Office Season 42009-12-0612345681$19.992
The Office Season 52009-12-3112345682$19.9911
Joker Revenge2006-12-1222223333$14.984
Joker Revenge II0000-00-0022223334$14.984
Movie 21978-08-0641321234$15.0022
The Mask1999-03-0899968877$0.9914
Hunt for Red October1989-03-0899988877$29.9914